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Qualification vs Experience?

What’s more important from a Business Coach: Qualification or Experience? 

People may have a particular point of view on this question.

After 20 years of running an accountancy practice, I can honestly say that the best employees were those with lots of experience in both life and practice accountancy.  But I don’t ignore the importance of a qualification. In some industries of course it’s a must, in some industries it’s a benefit but not a necessity.

So which is best education or experience?

Education is the studying to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject you choose. Can you really learn how to do something just from reading a book or in a classroom listening to a teacher?  

Can an educated coach can only repeat what they learned? – Do they have any real-life business experiences to be able to draw from and adapt to a changing business environment.?

However, a coach that is solely based on experience may only be able to tell you what has worked for them. As we know one size does not fit all – so will their experience work for you and your business?

So is it not best to have a combination of both education & experience?!

I love learning and continue to train in a variety of areas to help in business and to date have 25 years’ experience of starting, building, franchising & selling companies. And so can bring experience, knowledge & understanding to support your business.

What type of experience should your coach have?

Ideally your business coach will have been a business owner, as employees often does not experience everything that is required to run a business, whether it is marketing, finance, personnel, processes & systems.

A coach should have experience in business, both the highs and lows.  Isn’t it better to know you can learn from the mistakes that a coach has made in the past, so that you don’t!

Sphere of Contacts?

But your coach should also know their limits of ability and be able to call on experts in their field to help their clients further.

Does your coach need experience in your industry?

A business coach may have had a wealth of experience in a particular industry, but experience in every industry is probably impossible!

But do we need to – I don’t believe we do.  Running a business is ultimately the same in any industry. You need to consider the marketing, finance, personnel, systems, processes no matter what you sell.

The specific elements is what you the client should be knowledgeable in – taking the coach’s advice and implementing it to fit in to your business.

Coaches are there providing the groundwork and foundations to ensure the business side is stable and meeting the client’s goals.

Choosing Your Coach

Choosing your coach is about finding someone that you can trust. Someone that has your best interests at heart, but is one stepped removed from the day to day activities of your business so they can give a truly new point of view. 

If you have not invested in a coach yet, give me a call and lets see how I can help 01284 335566.



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