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CPD Accredited

Whitley Morgan are very proud to confirm that our following packages are now CPD Accredited:

  • Formation To Realisation
  • Progress to Success
  • You & Your Business
  • Legal & Finance
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Systems & Processes

What does this mean for you?

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development Standards and Benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

What Are The Benefits of CPD?

The benefits of CPD can be seen from two perspectives – that of the employee, and that of the employer.

The Benefits of CPD for Employees

Employees can reap the benefits of continuing professional development and can improve their skills in their current role and future career. By undertaking a CPD accredited course, employees can prosper from the benefits of CPD listed below:

  1. Keeping knowledge and skills up-to-date
  2. The professional standard of qualifications and registrations are maintained
  3. Provides a professional sense of direction
  4. Confidence and credibility are built and enhanced
  5. The ability to showcase their achievements with a recognised qualification
  6. Equips employees with the tools to cope positively with change
  7. Promotes the advancement in career progression
  8. Flexible training schedules for any form of learner

Keeping Skills and Knowledge Up-to-Date

With continued professional development, employees can find that their skills and knowledge can become outdated. In some sectors, this could occur in just a matter of years. CPD accredited training consistently provides the latest information to make sure learners are informed of the most recent developments, practices and data.

Professional Bodies are Satisfied

Some professions require continued training, not only to improve employee standards but also to satisfy regulating bodies. One of the most crucial benefits of CPD is that these regulations are met for the business but also the individual.

Providing a Sense of Direction

When employees lose a sense of direction or even passion for their role, CPD training can reignite that missing element. CPD accredited training courses can instill and cement their career path and aid in making the right choice for the future.

Academic Qualifications Bring Confidence

Undertaking CPD courses can boost the confidence of those starting their careers as well as the most experienced employees. Further knowledge in a professional field or simply confirming how much an employee knows and understands can boost determination and tenacity in the workplace.

CPD Certified Qualifications Are Recognised

By completing a CPD certified course, employees are able to declare a recognised qualification on their CVs. Not only does this aid employees when seeking a new role, but can provide a credible basis when wanting to progress within their current roles.

Employees Cope Positively to Change with Professional Education

Change, no matter the size, can be daunting. By staying up-to-date and fully accredited to the standards expected in the workplace, employees can be prepared for new challenges that occur. By being prepared in current practices, new ones can be easier to implement across the board and even aid other employees to make these changes.

CPD Training Course Promote Progression

Career progression is essential to the majority of employees. Without CPD training, the confidence to make these steps may not be present. These certificate courses also provide an easy overview to employers of the skills and knowledge of each individual, allowing them to make an informed selection process for career progression.

Online Training Promotes Flexible Learning

All accredited CPD training courses are available online. This leads to employees being able to take the time they need to absorb information and retain it, rather than having to speed through the process to meet course deadlines.

Our CPD Research Project confirmed that for anyone hoping to get promoted, or wanting to specialise in a different area, demonstrating their learning agility and dedication to CPD can make a substantive difference. In real terms, this means that CPD contributes to achieving higher salaries.

Source: https://www.cpdstandards.com/portfolio/the-benefits-of-cpd/


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